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Pagent automatically tailors your website to your users. Optimize any metric, from sales to signups, with our AI agent.

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A/B testing on auto-pilot

Don't waste your time manually testing different variations for your website. Integrate Pagent in less than 5 minutes and watch your website transform.
  • Auto generated variations
  • Select conversion goals
  • Copy & paste script
  • Watch results coming in
  • Messaging is hard

    The right message for your users

    Your website is the entry point into your business. With pagent, you let AI pick the right message to convince your users. With intelligent A/B testing, pagent ensures that you meet your conversion goals.

    Save time

    Creating and testing changes is time consuming. Analyzing them is even more. With pagent, all this happens on autopilot.

    Optimize it all

    Our agent will create text & style variations for specific elements on your site and find out what works best for your audience. (Layout, images and design coming soon.)

    Simple integration

    No code is required to use pagent. Just add a simple snippet to your page and you are ready to go.

    Behind the curtains

    How does it work?

    Our end-to-end integration of state-of-the-art generative AI models enables us to learn your users' individual preferences and generate engaging variations of your website.

    Try yourself

    Don’t take our word for it.

    The site you are currently viewing is optimized by Pagent. Different parts of it will be changed and tested over time. We provide detailed statistics for each of these tests.

    Percentage Change


    The percentage by which the variation is better (or worse) than the original.

    Percentage Point Change


    How many percentage points the variation is better (or worse) than the original.

    Risk when choosing the variation

    8 per 1000 users

    If I choose the variation and it's actually worse than the original, how many conversions will I lose?

    2σ interval (95% chance)

    [-6.73%, 13.65%]

    There is a 95% chance that the true percentage point change is between these two values.

    This example comes from an experiment on this very landing page. The red boxes highlight the changes this variation made. Our recommendation is to wait to apply a test result until the 95% interval is above 0%. In this snapshot, the variation saw 19.3% more conversions than the original, an increase from an 18% conversion rate to 21.5%!

    Track progress

    Our Platform

    Our platform gives you full control and data transparency for every optimization you perform with pagent. Keep track of all running tests and be notified of changes.

    Measure your business

    Track any conversion

    Conversions mean different things for different businesses. Whether its clicks, views, sales or anything else, we’ve got you covered.

    Book a demo

    Get an in-person contact with our team

    Our team is happy to help you get started with pagent. Choose a time slot with Constantin below for a video call and get a personal introduction to the product.

    Try yourself


    State-of-the-art statistics determine each action of your pagent. You are in full control and can start & stop each test for your page at any time.


    Find out what’s happening on your site. We organize and present all of your data in a clear and concise manner.

    Baysian Statistics

    Whether you are in a low- or high-traffic environment, Bayesian statistics helps you determine statistical significance as quickly as possible.


    Stay up to date on what is happening on your page. Whether a test is successful or inconclusive, you will be the first to know.

    Look at our numbers

    A Few Numbers We are Proud of

    Keeping track of the numbers on all of your sites is very important to us, but we also like to keep track of ours.


    Variations created


    Websites optimized


    Response time

    Let’s clarify

    Frequently asked questions

    How does Pagent know what my users will like?

    Pagent uses several sources to determine which variations will work best for your users. First, Pagent analyzes your website, relevant keywords and the overall market in which your business operates. Next, Pagent relies on the experience it has gained from previous website optimizations. Finally, it learns from each test run on your own site, so it can come up with better and better variations over time.

    Will there be flickering?

    No, the load time for the variations is less than 30ms, they will be displayed on your website at the same time as the rest of your page.

    How will I know if Pagent improves my website?

    All variations generated by pagent are tested against the original look of your site. Exact numbers of page views and converted users are compared between the original look and the generated variation for your site. On top of this data, a Bayesian statistical analysis is performed to give you a solid basis for evaluating the statistical significance of each test.

    Will my users notice a decrease in the performance of my website if I integrate Pagent?

    No, pagent does not affect the performance of your website any more than Google Analytics does. The variations for your site are served via CDN, which means they are as close to your users as possible and will always be one of the fastest assets your site loads.

    Can I optimize more than one page on the same site?

    Yes, after the initial integration, you can select any page on your site for optimization.

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